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Photo of server carrying several plates in blue apron.

Slips, trips, and falls are preventable in restaurants when employers work with front-line workers to address hazards.  A friend of mine was working in the kitchen at a popular nightclub. He says: “I was taking a hotel tray of chicken wings out for a buffet we were putting on. I lost my footing because of […]

Photo of a student using a piece of equipment in a construction school, while her instructor and classmate look on.

The B.C. Institute of Technology’s School of Construction and the Environment is reimagining how it makes health and safety an integral part of learning.  During the month of April, Construction Month celebrates B.C.’s construction industry. These essential workers have kept going through the pandemic, the heat dome, floods, supply chain disturbances, and more. In 2021, […]

Photo from safety videos shows lego figures as workers standing in a row

B.C. students get creative with the theme of this year’s WorkSafeBC Student Safety Video Contest — “I am doing my part.”  For a unique look at how young workers can stop the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases in the workplace, see the winning entries in the WorkSafeBC Student Safety Video Contest. Each video […]

Photo of young worker interacting with older worker in front of a feller buncher

Learn how parents of young workers can find information and talk with their child about safety at work and COVID-19 safety protocols.  Training and orientation are an important part of starting any new job. This is especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic, when workers have additional procedures to learn that help prevent spreading or contracting […]

Photo of man pulling back right ear with hearing protection inserted

Young people entering the workforce need to know how using hearing protection can prevent noise-induced hearing loss that may start early and is irreversible.  On average, around one in 10 workers under the age of 21 shows signs of hearing loss. Raising young workers’ awareness of hearing protection is an important goal for health and […]