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Photo of a worker checking an industrial refrigeration system

Ammonia is widely used and is highly toxic. As part of their responsibilities, employers must plan for emergencies and conduct regular inspections.  On October 16, 2017, tragedy hit the town of Fernie, B.C. when three workers died while trying to repair an ammonia leak in the cooling system of an ice rink. To prevent this […]

Photo of adult bear and cubs in treed open area

Bears and other wildlife can pose a serious threat to workers in wilderness areas. Employers need to assess the risk and develop an emergency response plan.  In the summer of 2018, a hunting guide in a remote part of Northern B.C encountered a grizzly bear with two cubs. The adult bear charged and attacked the […]

Photo of concrete pumper truck on bridge under construction

To help prevent concrete pumping incidents, stakeholders in B.C.’s construction industry launched a certification program for concrete pump truck operators.  Every day, workers on construction sites around the world operate concrete pump trucks to pour ready-made concrete. But when something goes wrong, it can be catastrophic. In 2016, one worker died and another was injured […]

Photo of roadside sign saying Welcome to British Columbia, in Mount Robson Provincial Park

It’s now easier for staff at immigrant-serving organizations to share information about workplace health and safety in B.C. with new immigrants and refugees.  In 2016, the Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSofBC) opened the ISSofBC Welcome Centre in East Vancouver for newcomers, including immigrants and refugees. The centre is the first integrated service facility of […]

Photo of worker walking inside factory

Close to 1,000 manufacturing workers suffer injuries from slips, trips, and falls each year in B.C. What can employers and workers do to prevent this?  This is the first post in a two-part look at slips, trips, and falls. Stay tuned for next week’s post on new technologies in slip-resistant mats. What comes to mind […]

Photo of a towtruck with car winched up behind it, in snow

Tow truck drivers face unique risks at work. Drivers need to slow down and move over when they see flashing lights on a tow truck or any other vehicle.  This is part two of my focus on road safety. Check out last week’s post, Reminding truckers about the hazards of stopping roadside. B.C.’s annual Cone […]

Photo of brown-and-white cattle being driven down the middle of a paved road, with a farm in the background

A ranching safety advisor reminds drivers to be vigilant and follow ranch workers’ directions when they encounter cattle drives on B.C.’s roads.  Sometimes ranchers in rural B.C. herd their cows along roads. For motorists passing through the region, it can be quite a sight, but it can also be confusing. “People are driving down a […]

3 people with a Safety Champion award

To celebrate NAOSH Week, you can nominate people for awards that recognize safety leadership all year long. It’s a good way to acknowledge and thank them.  As part of NAOSH Week, it’s time to nominate people who work all year to make safety and health a priority in their workplaces. Recently I spoke with Bob […]

Photo of server, with passengers seated at a table, at the Pacific Buffet on a BC Ferries vesssel

BC Ferries workers use the ALERT system to report workplace safety hazards and solutions that are shared with all employees through weekly bulletins.  BC Ferries employs 5,100 workers during the peak summer season. With 47 terminals, 35 ferries, and one shipyard, there are many different jobs to do. The organization’s workforce includes kitchen staff, tradespeople […]

Photo of woman in bed reaching fist toward alarm clock

Managing fatigue in the workplace is about more than just getting enough sleep. A fatigue risk management system can help employers reduce the risk.  Fatigue is more than just feeling sleepy — it impacts our abilities to think and work. And with Daylight Saving Time around the corner, I thought it was a good time […]