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An employer must reassess first aid requirements “whenever a significant change affecting the assessment occurs in the employer’s operations” – which happens all the time in the film industry.

The prime contractor at a worksite is responsible for the safety of all workers and people on the site. This is especially important on construction sites, where there are often workers from several different trades working simultaneously.

The online First Aid Training Providers list, most recently updated December 2014, is a valuable resource for BC workers and employers who need to find service in their communities.

The purpose of the inspection is to audit and assess safety systems and help you address deficiencies – and you can request the report be delivered in person, for answers and guidance on how to proceed.

Today there are many resources to guide the members of workplace health and safety committees – but things were much different in past years.

“What we’re aiming to do is standardize channels across the province, so truckers will only have to program their radios one time – ever – and then they will have all the channels for roads in BC, regardless of where they operate.”

A new policy in BC outlines employers’ responsibility to their own employees and others on their worksites. Companies like Golder and Associates recognize this responsibility – and they have a plan.