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A new policy in BC outlines employers’ responsibility to their own employees and others on their worksites. Companies like Golder and Associates recognize this responsibility – and they have a plan.

Employers need to determine level of risk, and minimize or limit it as much as possible. If it’s high, they have to do something.

“Not only can bullying and harassment impair work performance and lead to increased absenteeism, it can lead to depression, anxiety, and post‑traumatic stress disorder.”

Keeping lone workers safe is an important responsibility for employers. See how to assess the conditions and determine how to provide assistance within a reasonable time in case of emergency.

Sometimes I wonder if we don’t place too much emphasis on the attitudes of youth. Youth can show up with a good attitude – but a lot depends on the training they get on arrival. That’s the responsibility of employers and supervisors.

The BC Trucking Safety Council reminds us to pay attention on the roads. It’s a simple message indeed – but many people still aren’t taking note.

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Retail workers face risks from working alone. So do workers in the motion picture industry – like production assistants, security guards, drivers, flaggers, and location scouts – along with home care workers and hotel room attendants.

Older farm workers are more likely to be injured while using machines than their younger counterparts, says a new Canadian study. They tend to use machinery more often than younger workers and the machinery itself tends to be the oldest on the farm.