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Photo of workers in warehouse giving the thumbs up signal

Appreciative investigations provide positive, proactive opportunities for members of a workplace to consider which safety practices are working well.  Most of the time, in a workplace, there are no incidents and things go pretty well. But when it comes to safety investigations, we usually look at what went wrong, so we can prevent it from […]

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Musculoskeletal injuries associated with prolonged use such as ‘text neck’ and ‘blackberry thumb’ are not really new pains but they are coming from different sources and afflicting more younger people than ever before.

It was cleaner than a doctor’s office. That’s what WorkSafeBC industry specialist Lorne Scarlett said about the hygiene level he saw at Westcoast Piercing and Ink, where he was invited to check out the safety of their operations. Hygiene is the biggest issue — and Westcoast aims higher than what’s required by the Occupational Health […]

YouTube was launched in 2005, and WorkSafeBC set up their channel a year later in 2006 – making them early adopters of new technology. In 2014, WorkSafeBC produced 15 new safety videos, and their YouTube channel received more than three million views.