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Today’s labour shortage means workers have lots of employers to choose from. Employers with good health and safety programs are more likely to attract them.  Attracting qualified workers is a challenge for many industries today. Recently I spoke with Lisa McGuire, CEO of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance (the Alliance), about what this challenge looks like […]

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Occupational health and safety can be overwhelming for many small businesses. Small Business BC helps steer them in the right direction.  A June 2019 story in Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine describes how small business owners across Canada often don’t know where to start when it comes to workplace health and safety. Here in B.C., 98 […]

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Here’s some advice for parents on talking to your kids about safety at work. Start the conversation early and encourage them to ask questions.  I’m sure we’ve all seen (and maybe been) little kids who love watching construction workers use big machines. Today my son is nearly an adult, but in the past we watched […]

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B.C.’s motion picture industry unions are making it easier for workers and their families to access anonymous support for mental health and addictions.  In any given year, one in five people in Canada will experience a mental health problem or illness, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). Compassion, understanding, and support can make […]

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The annual Cone Zone campaign reminds drivers to slow down, pay attention. This year’s campaign kicks off in May and will run until the end of the summer.  The Cone Zone is a workplace for thousands of B.C. workers. These workers include traffic control persons, road maintenance workers, utility workers, emergency crews, law enforcement personnel, […]

Dr. Delia Roberts with study participant

Dr. Delia Roberts studies how nutrition can prevent injuries at work. She found that workers who change their diets can improve performance that very day.  Drink more water. Eat less sugar. That’s part of what Health Canada recommends in its updated food guide. This made me think of and reach out to Dr. Delia Roberts, […]

Poster for the first responder anti-stigma campaign

The BC First Responders’ Mental Health Committee promotes positive mental health by reducing stigma and providing best practices, education, and tools.  Paramedics, firefighters, police officers, and other first responders do a job like none other and are the people we call when we need help. But by now we’ve all seen media stories about first […]

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Evaluating your joint health and safety committee every year produces many benefits, including safer workplaces and more collaboration.  A joint health and safety committee, which must include representatives of the employer and the workers, plays an important role in a workplace. The goal of the joint committee is to identify and help resolve health and […]

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What are B.C. truck drivers doing to stay healthy? How are employers supporting their wellness? SafetyDriven is teaming up with researchers to seek answers.  SafetyDriven, the health and safety association for B.C.’s trucking industry, is working with a group of Canadian researchers to explore what B.C. truck drivers are doing to stay healthy. They’re also […]

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Driving is a part of everyday life for many, whether it’s for work or pleasure. Are you a safe driver? Test your knowledge with this driving test from ICBC.  We probably all think we’re pretty safe drivers, but how safe are we really? Taking ICBC’s Drive Smart Refresher Test is one way to see how […]