New tech helps employers submit Notice of Project forms

Improvements to the NOP submission process include new features to make it easier for B.C. employers to provide legally required info to WorkSafeBC. 

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B.C. employers have a legal requirement to notify WorkSafeBC before they begin certain types of projects. For example, if they’re working with hazardous materials, they need to let WorkSafeBC know, in writing, at least 48 hours before work starts.

This written notification is called a Notice of Project (NOP). In the past, employers mailed or faxed paper NOP forms to WorkSafeBC. About 15 years ago, WorkSafeBC made it so that employers could submit the form online.

Recently, WorkSafeBC launched an upgrade to the online submission process to make it even easier for employers to complete.

New features include geolocation and more

To learn more, I contacted Ross Lundie, an operations manager at WorkSafeBC. He told me about some of the improvements to the process, which were based on feedback from employers.

Integrates Google Maps

Employers can now place a pin on the map to indicate the location of a worksite. Plus, when entering information about where the job site is located or who some of the employers are, users can type in a partial address and then the rest of the address fields will populate for them.

Allows employer to add attachments

With the old form, employers had to send required attachments by mail, fax, or email. Now, employers can upload supplementary documents during the submission process.

Sends email confirmation after form is submitted

After the form is submitted, a confirmation email is sent. The email includes NOP file information and who to contact if the employer needs to make changes to the information. Soon the confirmation email will include a PDF attachment of the actual NOP that employers can print and post at the worksite, as required.

Even though several new features have been added already, Ross says there are still more to come.

“This really isn’t the end of the journey for us,” he says. “We’re looking for feedback from employers and want to continue to make changes. We want to keep enhancing and improving the process over time.”

For more information, see this WorkSafeBC announcement: Changes to the online Notice of Project submission process.

Thanks to Ross for explaining what’s new. If you’re an employer who’s been using the new form, please leave a comment about it.


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