Safety tips for Halloween

Have fun and stay safe on Halloween. Here’s a sample of Halloween safety tips published by different organizations in 2017. Please read and share them! 

Photo of a Halloween jack-o-lantern with pumpkin seeds coming out of its mouth, looking like vomit

Photographer (and jack-o-lantern maker): Susan Main

Every year around this time, I scan the web for new Halloween safety resources. Here’s what I found, along with a few past ones that bear repeating.

Traffic safety for trick-or-treating

Each year in B.C., an average of 120 people are injured in 83 crashes on Halloween night. Drivers need to slow down. Pedestrians need to be visible. Read more in ICBC’s top 8 Halloween safety tips for parents and drivers.

Keep kids’ eyes safe

Ensure eye makeup is safe for kids or, better yet, avoid it. Don’t let them carry sharp accessories as part of a costume. See more advice from eye doctors in Children’s Eye Safety Tips For Halloween.

Make sure goodies are safe to eat

All kids should be careful about eating trick-or-treat goodies at Halloween. This is especially crucial for those with allergies and sensitivities. Read more about Halloween food safety from Health Canada.

Plan ahead to protect your pets

Pets can be scared by all the noise and commotion of Halloween. They can get sick from eating candy meant for humans. Read Halloween pet safety from the B.C. SPCA. They remind us that planning ahead leads to happier and calmer pets.

Are you planning to dress up your pet for Halloween? Humans may find it adorable, and some pets might be okay with it, but others won’t find it fun at all! See Is it Safe to Dress My Pet Up For Halloween? from the Aylmer Veterinary Clinic.

Prepare your yard for a safe night

If you’re putting up decorations in a yard, beware of creating tripping hazards. Kids wearing masks won’t see as well as usual. Keep electrical cords away from walkways and stairs. Read more in How to prepare your yard for a safe and spooky Halloween from Economical Insurance in Ontario.

Avoid lice while putting together your costume

And just now I found something I haven’t mentioned before. It’s about head lice spread by people trying on Halloween costumes in stores. Get more info on avoiding this in Halloween Costumes Could Have Head Lice In Them, So Try Them On At Your Own Risk from the Huffington Post. Yuck!

Also see my post Trick-or-treaters get lesson in PPE.


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