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Photo of a male putting on PPE on an asbestos abatement site.

New protections to help keep everyone safe from the danger of asbestos came into effect on January 1, 2024 in British Columbia.  By Marnie Douglas, Guest contributor to Speaking of Safety Starting January 1, 2024, all asbestos abatement contractors must be licensed to operate in British Columbia. Additionally, anyone performing asbestos abatement work must complete […]

Photo of man at construction site with fall protection attached.

OHS specialist Glenn Russell recalls how seeing a worker’s serious, life-changing injury inspired his motivation to raise awareness of fall protection.  A worker on a steep slope roof fell and fractured his leg when his fall protection equipment failed. The vertical lifeline was old and it broke, according to the summary of a recent incident […]

Photo of male and female workers, wearing coveralls and looking at car engine.

The guideline outlines the requirement for personal protective equipment (PPE) to be available for all body types, not just sized for men’s bodies.   A new guideline addressing the issue of ill-fitting PPE, which can compromise worker safety, came into effect in November 2022. I instantly thought about Jodi Huettner when I read a recent WorkSafeBC […]