Where do you get your news about workplace health and safety?

I visit many places online when I’m looking for ideas about what to write for this blog. One great source is WorkSafeBC’s monthly Health and Safety Enews

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Since this blog began in 2010, I’ve talked about health and safety with hundreds of people in different industries. Many of their stories will stay with me forever.

To find these stories, I’ve relied on a roster of solid, reliable news sources. One of them is the monthly Health and Safety Enews from WorkSafeBC.

The enews updates me on changes to B.C.’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, guidelines, and polices. It’s also useful for staying informed about new injury prevention resources, initiatives, events, research projects, conferences, and more.

Enews items that caught my eye

For example, I got the idea to write my recent post Improving safety for people who work with nanomaterials after seeing an item about WorkSafeBC’s Innovation at Work grant in the December 2018 Enews. I saw many interesting ideas when I checked out recently funded projects, and I decided to write about a chemistry professor’s new test for detecting nanomaterials.

The October 2018 Enews included an item about a new safety guide for the craft brewing and distilling industry. I’m a big fan of craft beers. I’ve enjoyed talking with brewers around B.C. and sampling their creations. I wondered: “What are the major hazards of this burgeoning industry?” That led to my post Safety is brewing in the craft beer industry.

I also subscribe to receive email updates of recent work-related incidents reported to WorkSafeBC. (For an example, see this update from January 17, 2019.) The updates provide short summaries of recent incidents in B.C. workplaces that resulted in injuries or death, or could have (“close calls”). I started wondered how people might use the information, which inspired me to write Alerting employers and workers to workplace incidents.

Subscribe to these enews if you haven’t already. While you’re on the subscription page, be sure to check out the other enews that WorkSafeBC offers, including ones about specific industries, research, and more.

P.S. The Health and Safety Enews also includes links to recently published posts on this blog. If you’re reading this because you clicked the link on the enews, please leave a comment to say hi!

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