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Photo of a person lying on an air mattress floating on a lake

Working in the heat? Floating on a lake? Packing your car for a road trip? Please read and share these summer safety tips and enjoy the season.  It’s official as of June 20: Summer has arrived! I’m planning to enjoy it and hope you are, too. Here are some summer safety tips I collected from […]

Photo of a dump truck reversing

More employers are using broadband alarms as a back-up warning. But researchers want to know: just how effective are they?  Broadband alarms are already used worldwide. By now, workers in B.C. and Alberta are likely hearing more of them. So how do workers perceive the multi-frequency broadband alarm (BBA) sound used in place of the […]

Photo of safety committee memeber writing on clipboard

Is your joint health and safety committee effective? B.C. employers are now required to evaluate this once a year. Here’s a tool to help.  As of April 3, 2017, joint committees in B.C. workplaces must complete an annual written evaluation of how effectively they are working. But employers don’t need to panic, says Tanya Steele, a safety committee […]

Check out this year’s winning videos from the annual WorkSafeBC student safety video contest. The theme for 2017 was “Speak up for Safety.”  Be sure to watch the winning student videos from the 2017 annual WorkSafeBC student safety video contest. Since 2006, the contest has garnered more than 550 videos from more than 2,100 high […]

Photo of older and younger worker at a table discussing project

Millennials and Baby Boomers generally have different values, priorities, and communication preferences. What’s the best way to talk safety with everyone?  Effective communication is key to safety at work. This can be a challenge in today’s workplace with different generations working together. Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials generally use different types of technology to […]

Photo of angry man gripping vehicular steering wheel

When you’re driving, you’re driving. That’s your only role. Do a “self-check” to focus before getting in your vehicle. Tell yourself “Okay, I’m driving now.”  Our state of mind influences how we drive. Driving while angry, for example, is well-known as a bad idea. Just look at all the crazy road rage videos on YouTube! […]

Photo of a forest fire

When you work in the forest – whether for forestry or oil and gas – it’s not uncommon to be working amid wildfires. How can employers be prepared for this?  I’ll never forget the footage of people driving away from the Fort McMurray fire. One year ago, on May 3, 2016, more than 90,000 people fled […]

Photo of construction worker in hard hat wearing ear plugs

Young construction workers are less likely to wear hearing protection — WorkSafeBC looks for reasons why.  Twenty-four percent of young workers in construction do not use hearing protection. They’re also less likely to wear hearing protection compared to young workers in other industries. This information is based on data from more than 160,000 hearing tests […]

Photo of the AgSafety Champs for 2017

Bachmann Farms won AgSafe’s 2016 Champion of Agriculture Award for putting safety first on their dairy farm in Pitt Meadows, B.C.  Joe and Andy Bachmann won the 2016 Champion of Agriculture Award for putting safety first on their Pitt Meadows dairy farm. AgSafe presented the award to Bachmann Farms at the BC Agriculture Council Agri-Food […]

Photo of women in trades course

This video shows how two occupational safety officers inspire and educate students in the Women in Trades Training program at Okanagan College.  “They were women in trades before it was very friendly for women in trades.” Now they’re occupational safety officers at WorkSafeBC, inspiring and helping to educate students in the Women in Trades Training program […]