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Photo of hand turning valve at top of portable propane tank

Portable propane tanks need to be stored and used properly. Ensure valves are locked in place when heating with propane. Use a CO2 detector to detect leaks.  I just moved my propane tank after reading this Propane Safety reminder from FortisBC. I’ve had a propane barbecue for years and lately I’ve been using it as […]

Photo of flood damage to armchair and bookshelf

Exposure to flood waters can be a health hazard. Workers and homeowners need personal protective equipment to avoid exposure to sewage, chemicals, injury.  When I started writing this, I could hear a heavy downpour of rain outside. Worried about drivers going through huge puddles, I tweeted a link to my post Don’t hydroplane in rain. […]

Photo of worker checking barcodes of stock in warehouse racking

Storage racks are used in many industries. Moving materials on and off them puts workers at risk of overexertion, being hit by falling objects, and more.  Recently I overheard a man at the coffee shop say he was going to install new storage racks in his workplace because a big load of something had come […]

Photo of a Halloween jack-o-lantern with pumpkin seeds coming out of its mouth, looking like vomit

Have fun and stay safe on Halloween. Here’s a sample of Halloween safety tips published by different organizations in 2017. Please read and share them!  Every year around this time, I scan the web for new Halloween safety resources. Here’s what I found, along with a few past ones that bear repeating. Traffic safety for […]

Photo of transmission line over a mountain

It’s essential to identify potential hazards when harvesting timber near power lines. Start during the planning stage, to keep workers safe.  Forest companies and harvesting contractors should contact BC Hydro at the planning stage of any logging project near power lines. I read about this in a recent monthly safety alert from the BC Forest […]

Historical photo of the town and mine of Cassiar, B.C.

Asbestos is toxic but was once prized for its fire-proof properties. People used it to insulate pipes, flooring, drywall, and more. Kids even played in it.  “It had a white dust that drifted down when you ran your toy trucks on it,” says Trevor, who lived in the asbestos mining town of Cassiar, B.C. as […]

Photo of car and trucks driving on highway in winter

The next three months are the most dangerous for driving. If you drive for work, make sure to plan for safety, prepare your vehicle, and slow down.  Last winter’s extreme conditions in B.C. caught many drivers by surprise. October, November, and December are the most dangerous months for people who drive for work. Almost 30 […]

Photo of a flatbed truck delivering metal scaffolding, parked on a downhill slope

Moving equipment is all around us. It’s used in most if not all industries. Securing mobile equipment is essential to safety of workers and the public.  “Since 2006, more than 220 workers have been seriously injured by improperly secured vehicles in B.C. Sixteen of these incidents were fatal,” reads Improperly secured vehicles put workers’ lives […]

Photo of Nanaimo fire chief Karen Fry, cropped for grid

As Nanaimo’s newest fire chief – and its first-ever female fire chief – Karen Fry says the key to safety is dealing with issues as soon as they arise.  Karen Fry is the City of Nanaimo’s newest fire chief. She says it’s important for management to show staff that their health and safety is important. […]

Photo of two workers harvesting cranberries in field flooded with water

In a cranberry harvest, fields are flooded with water. Lifejackets or personal flotation devices (PFDs) are essential to prevent workers from drowning.  A cranberry harvest is unique. The fields are flooded and workers knock the berries off their vines, then skim them from the water’s surface. Wearing a lifejacket or PFD reduces a worker’s risk […]