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Photo of hands in work gloves, making notes on a clipboard

Read one manager’s tips for getting buy-in during safety talks. He honed his skills at BC Construction Safety Alliance’s Train the Safety Trainer course.  Russell Thompson is an environmental technologist and OHS manager for McCue Engineering Contractors. It’s a company that designs, builds, and operates water treatment systems throughout western Canada. Sometimes he gives safety talks […]

Photo of a hand testing a domestic smoke alarm

The BC Smoke Alarm Movement wants to see a smoke alarm in every home. They’ve distributed and installed more than 41,000 alarms during the past three years.  One Christmas, my friend got a smoke alarm from his grandma. I wrote about it in my post Give the gift of safety this holiday season. Thankfully, there […]

Photo of worker in hardhat sleeping on the job

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? How about getting more sleep? See why it’s a good idea; read the NSC’s 2017 Employee Survey on Workplace Fatigue.  My New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to get more sleep. Being tired is something I avoid as much as possible, but occasionally I stay up too late […]

Photo of a Naloxone kit including syringes and ampules

This is my last post of the year. Here’s 2017 in review, with my top moments from the year. Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting. See you in 2018.  I’d like to thank everyone for speaking of safety with me in 2017. Thanks to all my readers and to all the experts who shared […]

Photo of holiday shopping bags in hands of person walking past Christmas decor

It’s the holiday season. What could go wrong? Let’s think about safety issues at work, at home, in the community – while shopping, driving, and walking.  Each year, I list hazards to look out for during the winter holiday season, and here I am doing it again. Please keep these tips in mind, share them […]

Photo of gloved hand with paint sprayer pointed at repair on car

WorkSafeBC inspectors see too many manufacturing shop workers spraying paint in makeshift booths or other areas not designed to control the hazards.  Reading this new bulletin from WorkSafeBC, Reducing the risk of fires or explosions when spraying flammable products, made me think about a friend of mine who uses a lot of flammable substances at […]

Photo of a barista wearing a santa hat and standing beside a coffee machine

Many students do seasonal work on winter break. They need answers to safety questions before and after they start. Here are some things they should know.  I had great fun with seasonal work on winter break back in my university days. It was at an ice rink, where I was the DJ. I sat in […]

Photo of large truck descending narrow B.C. highway

Large trucks need much more room to stop and to turn than passenger vehicles. They have many blind spots. Leave space to stay safe when sharing the road.  Driving the narrow, winding highway to and from Tofino this past summer, I saw passenger vehicles making stupid, careless moves around big rigs. One of the worst […]

Photo of hand turning valve at top of portable propane tank

Portable propane tanks need to be stored and used properly. Ensure valves are locked in place when heating with propane. Use a CO2 detector to detect leaks.  I just moved my propane tank after reading this Propane Safety reminder from FortisBC. I’ve had a propane barbecue for years and lately I’ve been using it as […]

Photo of flood damage to armchair and bookshelf

Exposure to flood waters can be a health hazard. Workers and homeowners need personal protective equipment to avoid exposure to sewage, chemicals, injury.  When I started writing this, I could hear a heavy downpour of rain outside. Worried about drivers going through huge puddles, I tweeted a link to my post Don’t hydroplane in rain. […]