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Photo of truck engine spewing diesel exhaust

Diesel exhaust is a known carcinogen. Employers must assess the risk it poses to workers, even though there isn’t yet an occupational exposure limit for it.  Workers in many industries are exposed to diesel exhaust. Long-term exposure can have serious health effects, including cancer. People most at risk are those who work with diesel-powered vehicles […]

Photo of forest road washed out by flooding, with pickup truck in the distance

Flood waters move fast. Flood season is a hazardous time of year if you drive on resource roads to get to work. It’s important to make sure you’re prepared.  It’s flood season in B.C. As I write this post, the waters are rising in many places throughout our province. Almost 3,000 residents remain out of […]

Photo of can of stain and rags for doing staining work

Did you know that oily rags can ignite without a spark? That’s exactly how one family’s garage burned down. No one was hurt, but they learned a tough lesson.  Are you planning on painting your house or doing some staining? If so, please remember to be careful with any oily rags you may have left […]

Photo of worker in safety gear abseiling down from a tower

NAOSH Week 2018 is May 6 to 12. Everyone can participate; it doesn’t matter if your plans are big or small. Need inspiration? Here’s what others have done.  North American Occupational Health and Safety (NAOSH) Week, also known as Safety and Health Week, is an annual event for employers, workers, and the community to talk […]

Photo of chef's hands cutting up food

A new safety video series shows how to prevent common injuries in the kitchen and features B.C. chefs, who offer safety tips from their own experiences.  Many years ago, I had a job bussing tables. After the lunch rush, a cook asked me to cut some lemons with a great big knife that seemed quite […]

Photo of youths at a science exhibit where a hammer smashes safety helmets

A new interactive exhibit created by Science World and WorkSafeBC lets visitors get hands-on with safety. This video shows how and why they made it.  How is the world around us designed for safety? What is it like to experience hearing loss? How does a helmet protect your head if a hammer drops on it? […]

Photo of an older woman next to a tree loaded with apples

Older farmers are more likely to be injured at work than younger workers. Supporting this generation of workers was the theme of AgSafety Week 2018.  Many Canadian farmers work well into their later years. These older workers have a wealth of skills and experience, but they also have a higher risk of being seriously injured. […]

Photo of man carrying extension ladder in front of house

Please use caution when carrying ladders through passageways, doorways, or any place where your view is obstructed – I was nearly hit by one last spring.  It’s time for spring cleaning! But before you haul out your ladder at work or at home, I have something to say about ladder safety. Usually we talk about […]

Photo of burnt trees on rocky mountainside

2017 was B.C.’s worst fire season ever. Now, many of these damaged trees are unstable, so people need to know about the hazards of working near them.  First, many of the trees in B.C. were devastated by mountain pine beetles. Then more were burned in the 2017 wildfires. Now the province’s forests are filled with […]

Photo of a penguin walking

Take an icy cold snap, add lots of rain, and up goes the risk of slipping and falling. How can people walk more safely while at work and in the community?  One night, during B.C.’s intense 2017 winter season, I found my neighbour’s phone on the ground, beside the path and under a tree. I […]