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Photo of a Naloxone kit including syringes and ampules

This is my last post of the year. Here’s 2017 in review, with my top moments from the year. Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting. See you in 2018.  I’d like to thank everyone for speaking of safety with me in 2017. Thanks to all my readers and to all the experts who shared […]

Historical photo of the town and mine of Cassiar, B.C.

Asbestos is toxic but was once prized for its fire-proof properties. People used it to insulate pipes, flooring, drywall, and more. Kids even played in it.  “It had a white dust that drifted down when you ran your toy trucks on it,” says Trevor, who lived in the asbestos mining town of Cassiar, B.C. as […]

Photo of a TCP flagger direction traffic

A viral video from Burnaby shows more work is needed to keep traffic flaggers safe. Drivers need to step up for the safety of people working on roads.  Recently a video of a Burnaby flagger hit by a car went viral. The CBC has since reported that the driver in the viral video was charged with […]

Chlorine helps sanitize swimming pools, but can be dangerous if handled improperly. Learn about the hazards of chlorine and how to protect yourself.  The big ceiling fans at the pool were blowing down during our warm-up for seniors’ aquafit, and one older lady was clearly not happy about the breeze. I was by far the youngest […]

“How do you speak up for safety?” That’s the theme of WorkSafeBC’s 2017 Student safety video contest. The contest challenges B.C. students in Grades 8 to 12 to answer this question in a creative video, then post it on YouTube, where people can vote for their favourites. All styles of video — drama, comedy, documentary, music […]

It’s really hard to watch — but so worth watching. A powerful new video tells the story of a young worker who was badly injured in a restaurant kitchen. Matthew Bowcott was 19 when he slipped on a wet kitchen floor while carrying a big container of boiling cooking oil to a disposal bin. He […]

“Take the time to think about what you are doing and pay attention to the task at hand as if it was your first time,” says Devon Smith, who shares the story of her injury to help others prevent it from happening to them.

Traffic flagger Lindsey Ramsden describes her frustration with “…the people on their cel phones and the people who are too busy trying to get to work too fast to notice that I’m standing right there.”

Please take a moment to think about 52-year-old Amarjit Kaur Bal, 41-year-old Sukhvinder Kaur Punia, and 31-year-old Sarbjit Kaur Sidhu. They died in an overcrowded van in 2007 on their way to work at a farm.