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Altogether, there’s $10,000 in prize money for students and schools. Deadline for submissions is 5:00 pm Friday, April 1, 2016 – but it’s best to post videos as soon as possible, so more people can see them and vote for their favourites.

A plan may need to be revisited and adjusted as often as every day, depending on how often factors change for your operation. This includes location, work specs, weather, crew, and the equipment being used.

“We’re still the same people delivering the same awesome service with the same great resources. We just have a new look,” says Wendy Bennett, AgSafe’s executive director.

More than half of all injuries in the accommodation industry involve this group of workers, and that’s why industry and WorkSafeBC created some new safety resources for them.

It’s important to have your grab-and-go kit because you might be stuck at work for a few days… you’ll feel a whole lot better knowing your family has emergency supplies in place, and you’ll be a lot better off if you have emergency supplies at work.

Domestic violence spills into the workplace more than half the time, says an Ontario study of 8,429 people who were harmed, harassed, stalked, or threatened by a family member or intimate relation.

When we work in an office, we all think we are in a safe environment, but how safe are we actually? That question was on the floor at the BC Municipal Safety Association’s 2015 conference.