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Photo of blinding sun and a thermometer showing it's hot

We’re having a heat wave in B.C. This raises safety concerns for people working outside. Please review these tips for keeping workers safe.  It’s a hot one this summer in B.C. Not only are we dealing with wildfires, but we’re also facing record-breaking temperatures. Last year in B.C., there were 16 claims for work-related injuries […]

Photo of older man with head in his hands

A New Brunswick student’s two-minute video shows how one young worker’s decision had consequences that lasted a lifetime.  It’s “so dramatic and suspenseful.” That’s how a teen worker describes the video that won the 2017 Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) national student video competition. (You can also watch the video below.) The […]

Photo of women in trades course

This video shows how two occupational safety officers inspire and educate students in the Women in Trades Training program at Okanagan College.  “They were women in trades before it was very friendly for women in trades.” Now they’re occupational safety officers at WorkSafeBC, inspiring and helping to educate students in the Women in Trades Training program […]

Watch and vote for your favourite video in WorkSafeBC’s 2017 student safety video competition. This year’s theme is “Speaking up for safety.”  You still have time to watch and vote for your favourite student safety videos in this annual contest held by WorkSafeBC. The theme for 2017 is What do you do? What do you […]

They’re travelling different roads — quite literally — to deliver their message about young worker safety. WorkSafeBC’s Young/New Worker and Small Business team, led by manager Glen McIntosh, has been driving on mountain roads and connecting via the Internet to reach people who may not find it easy to attend safety events in person. I wrote […]

Tractors and other mobile equipment are among the biggest hazards – both to people operating them and to any kids living and playing in the places they’re used.

Teacher Raviv Boudin says it was very powerful. He’s describing what it was like for students to hear the story of WorkSafeBC speaker Michael Lovett, who lost his leg in a sawmill accident in 1999 when he was 18. Michael spoke at Stein Valley Nlakapamux School in Lytton, B.C. to 25 students who also watched […]